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Gentlemen, Elevate Your Style: Trending Men's Haircuts You Can't Miss!

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In the ever-evolving world of men’s fashion, one element remains consistently crucial: the haircut. A great haircut can elevate your entire look, boosting your confidence and ensuring you always look your best. As a master hair stylist, I’ve seen trends come and go, but some haircuts have proven their staying power while others are making a strong debut this year. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the trending men’s haircuts you can’t miss, designed to keep you ahead of the style game.

The Classic Crew Cut

Timeless Elegance

The crew cut is a perennial favourite that never goes out of style. Characterised by its short length and neat finish, this haircut is perfect for men who prefer low-maintenance grooming without compromising on sophistication. It’s versatile, working well with both casual and formal looks.

Modern Twist

For a contemporary take, consider adding a fade on the sides. This adds a touch of modern flair while maintaining the classic essence of the crew cut. You can also experiment with the length on top, leaving it slightly longer for added texture and style options.

The Textured Crop

Effortless Style

The textured crop is gaining popularity for its effortless, tousled look. This style is ideal for men with thick hair, as it utilises natural volume and texture. The key is to keep the top longer and add layers to create movement.

Styling Tips

To style the textured crop, use a matte finish product to enhance the natural texture. Work the product through your hair with your fingers, avoiding a comb to maintain that casual, undone look.

The Quiff

Bold and Stylish

The quiff is a statement haircut that exudes confidence. It involves longer hair on top that is styled upwards and back, with shorter sides and back. This look is perfect for men who aren’t afraid to stand out.

Variations to Consider

There are numerous variations of the quiff to suit different face shapes and hair types. The classic quiff is sleek and polished, while the modern quiff incorporates more texture and volume. For a more edgy look, consider the disconnected quiff with a noticeable contrast between the top and sides.


The Fade Haircut

Versatility at Its Best

The fade haircut is incredibly versatile, making it a favourite among men of all ages. This cut involves a gradual transition from short to shorter hair on the sides and back, creating a clean and sharp look.

Popular Types of Fades

  • **Low Fade:** Starts just above the ears and is a subtle way to add detail to your haircut.
  • **Mid Fade:** Begins halfway up the head and offers a balanced look.
  • **High Fade:** Starts high on the head and is ideal for a bold, modern style.

The Pompadour

Retro Glamour

The pompadour is a classic style that has made a major comeback. Characterised by its voluminous top and short sides, the pompadour is perfect for men who love a vintage-inspired look with a modern twist.

Achieving the Look

To style a pompadour, you’ll need a high-hold product and a comb. Start by blow-drying your hair upwards, then use the product to sculpt your hair into the desired shape. Finish with a bit of hairspray to keep everything in place.

The Buzz Cut

Sleek and Simple

The buzz cut is the epitome of simplicity and ease. It’s a no-fuss, low-maintenance style that still looks sharp and stylish. This cut is perfect for men with a busy lifestyle or those who prefer a minimalist approach to grooming.

Adding Personal Touches

Even with its simplicity, you can personalise a buzz cut with slight variations. For instance, consider a line-up (sharp, defined lines along the hairline) or a subtle fade to add some dimension.

The Undercut

Edgy and Modern

The undercut remains a popular choice for its edgy, modern appeal. This style features short sides and back with a longer top, creating a striking contrast. It’s a versatile cut that can be styled in numerous ways, from slicked back to textured and messy.

Styling the Undercut

To style an undercut, you can either go for a sleek, polished look using pomade or a more relaxed, textured finish with a matte product. The key is to find a style that complements your personal aesthetic.

Curly Haircuts

Embracing Natural Texture

For men with curly hair, the key is to embrace your natural texture rather than fighting against it. There are several trendy haircuts designed specifically to highlight curly hair.

Popular Curly Styles

– **Curly Fringe:** Features longer curls on top that fall naturally across the forehead.

– **Short Sides with Curls:** Keeps the sides and back short while leaving the top longer to showcase your curls.

– **Curly Undercut:** Combines the sharpness of an undercut with the natural volume of curly hair.

The Slick Back

Timeless Sophistication

The slick back is a timeless style that exudes sophistication. This look involves longer hair on top that is combed back and held in place with a styling product, creating a sleek and polished appearance.

Perfecting the Slick Back

To achieve the perfect slick back, use a high-shine product and a fine-tooth comb. Start by applying the product evenly through your hair, then comb it back from your forehead to the nape of your neck. Finish with a bit of hairspray for extra hold.


Choosing the right haircut can significantly impact your overall style and confidence. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of a crew cut, the bold statement of a quiff, or the effortless charm of a textured crop, there’s a trending haircut that’s perfect for you. Consult with your favourite stylist here at Ellis Perry to find the best look for your hair type and face shape, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles. Elevate your style this season with one of these trending men’s haircuts and make every day a great hair day.

All the best!

Ali xx

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