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Ellis Perry hair salon avoca beach

Meet the Team

Ali owner Ellis Perry Hair Salon Central Coast

Meet Ali

Ali is the new owner of Ellis Perry having purchased the salon in July 2023. Ali had worked at Ellis Perry for 3 years previous to purchasing the salon.

She’s creating a really cool vibe down in North Avoca which was originally started by Perry Walsh, who was a fantastic hairdresser but sadly passed away 6 years ago.

He is still talked about today for his amazing cutting skills, so Ali is flying the flag for Perry and keeping his good name alive!!

With 25 years in the hair world Ali has really refined her skills with her colour work.

We are a full Redken colour salon which means our  training is on-going and a must in this fast paced industry.

Redken is a beautiful product to work with it’s super dimensional and the reflection is amazing, it looks so youthful in the hair, we are really loving it.

Ali prides herself on giving her guests the best customer service experience she can, she says that’s the main reason she does hair making people feel good is so rewarding.

Glenn hair stylist Ellis Perry Hair Salon Central Coast

Meet Glenn

Glenn has just started back at Ellis Perry after 20 years of working all over the world.

He has extensive experience in styling and dressing hair from his impressive editorial work over the years.

He’s worked in Double Bay at a very prestigious salon styling and gaining extensive knowledge in balayage and hand painting.

In the last 5 years he moved to Byron Bay to expand his blonde colour work.

We are very lucky to have Glenn back at Ellis Perry after all these years, he’s a pleasure to work with and has already given us lots of laughs with his witty sense of humour.

Meet Tyne

Tyne brings over two decades of expertise to the hairdressing realm, infusing her craft with warmth and laughter.

With 21 years in the industry, she thrives on building connections with her diverse clientele, cherishing each encounter with a shared smile. Specialising in blondes, balayage, coppers, and short haircuts, Tyne’s artistry breathes life into every style she creates.

Her dedication extends beyond the salon chair, as she is deeply passionate about promoting healthy hair and prescribing personalised home care routines. Tyne’s journey has led her through the vibrant streets of Sydney, where she amassed invaluable experiences, enriching her skill set and broadening her perspective.

With an unwavering commitment to her craft and her clients’ satisfaction, Tyne continues to shine as a beacon of creativity and care in the hairdressing community.

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